Scytl Election Worker Management

Streamline recruitment, hiring, training, and scheduling through one simple solution. Optimize repeat worker deployment with digital evaluation records.

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Polling locations and election worker profiles.
Schedule Workers
Schedule election workers optimally based on worker profiles and polling location needs.
Send information to election workers via physical mail, SMS, and robocalls.
Assess Worker Performance
Review election worker performance for future assignments.


Efficient Hiring Process:

  • Allow election workers to apply online
  • Election Workers can check hiring status online
  • Send Election Workers automated communications

Easy Election Set-up:

  • Reuse previous voting locations
  • Reuse past worker profiles

Schedule election workers based on:

  • Training
  • location
  • Languages
  • Work history
  • Party affiliation
  • Evaluation records
Election Worker Management backend view on a computer


Increase Potential Election Worker Pool

  • Appeal to technologically savvy applicants
  • Reach a wider audience of potential election workers by posting positions online

Automate Data Entry Processes

  • Streamline application and hiring
  • Reduce the number of incoming phone calls to the office
  • Automate payroll exports after the election

Streamline training and scheduling

  • Build a consistent hiring/scheduling workflow
  • Automate training assignments
  • Automate election worker role eligibility based on completed training
  • Simplify polling location schedules, and backup workers to handle no-shows on election day
Scytl Online Election Worker Management
Scytl Online Election Worker Training
Manage worker applications, training, and assignments through one integrated solution.

Scytl Online Election Worker Training provides election workers a consistent interactive training program, available on their personal internet-connected devices, at home or on the go. Learn more about Online Election Worker Training.

Scytl Election Worker Management can result in up to a 50% reduction in the time required for hiring and scheduling new election workers.