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Increase access & tranparency with Scytl ENR


Award-winning, secure Election Night results.
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Upload Election Results File
Election data file is generated by your tabulator.
Process Election Results
Election data is processed to update the charts, graphs, and maps.
Preview the website
Review how the election data will be displayed before it is published.
Update the data and visuals on the live site at the push of a button!


Election Results can be viewed by:

  • State, district, and precinct levels
  • Vote types (early voting, absentee numbers, and Election Day returns)
  • County or precinct level, at the contest or question level

Real-time, automated Election Results Delivery

  • Distribute report requests through an automated delivery system managed through a recipient list
  • Includes detailed downloadable election results in CSV, ASCII, and XLS file formats

Enhanced Map and Graphical Presentation

  • Modern charts and maps present results for each contest or issue on your ballot
  • Give users the ability to visually drill-down into the granular details for each vote

Election Data Archive

  • Easily archive election data online
  • Display it in a dynamic custom format for the public
Election Night Results displayed on a mobile phone


For Your Constituents

  • Optimized for all your devices
  • Highly Accessible – (WCAG AA 2.0)
  • Multi-language platform

Election Supervisor/Staff

  • Present your election office as modern, innovative, and efficient
  • Increase public trust and transparency with access to real-time, secure election results
  • Reduce the number of requests for information – send automated reports with new data

IT Director/Staff

  • Security protocol ensures data authenticity and integrity
  • Compatible with most tabulators, and legacy infrastructure
  • Scalable technology ensures coverage during critical periods
  • Client support on-call 24/7, and monitoring on election night
Scytl Election Night Reporting
Scytl Voter Education
Increased public trust, transparency, and access to local election information

Combine Scytl Voter Education and Election Night Reporting for accurate and easy to update communication with constituents before, during, and after elections. Learn more about Voter Education.

Scytl has provided Election Night Reporting in the United States since 2002.

In the 2018 General Election, Scytl provided Election Night Reporting to seven states, and counties in almost 20 states, serving more than 40 million voters.

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